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Pannelli fotovoltaici

V ideo surveillance



Video surveillance for animal husbandry: more safety and control for your farm.


IP 68 cameras for zootechnical use, resistant to infiltration of humidity, water and external agents.


The images will be transmitted to any electronic device, from your smartphone, tablet or company PC. You will be able to observe the progress of your stable sitting quietly from your sofa!


360 ° view



delivery room

Video surveillance in the delivery room is essential: you can keep all parts under strict control, even during the night.

monitor the welfare of the animal and the calf and, if necessary, intervene promptly.

calf female

Calves need continuous monitoring, especially in the first days of life. With the FARM-LED video surveillance systems you will have a 360 degree view of your calf


Animals that are sick? Animals in estrus? problems with fans, drinkers or in the feeding lane? Don't worry, now you will have everything under control from your smartphone.


Strategic video surveillance, on the company perimeter. No thefts, control of personnel and any wild species.

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