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FARM-LED lighting systems


The seasonality in the buffalo is influenced both by exogenous factors (photoperiod, climate, diet, management) and by endogenous factors (hormones, genotype). Buffaloes are seasonal animals with a negative photoperiod and show a natural increase in fertility as the number of hours of daily light decreases. The hormone melatonin, produced by the pineal gland (or epiphysis), plays a fundamental role in the regulation of the photoperiod in the brain: this in fact intervenes by controlling the annual secretion of gonadotropins and, consequently, the function of the gonads. However, a part of melatonin is released into the systemic circulation and, together with the melatonin produced at the peripheral level, acts on the somatic tissues.

Specifically, it should be noted that depending on the age and production stage in which the animals are found, they will need different lighting conditions.


As for the Bufala in production, where possible, it is ideal to differentiate the areas of the zootechnical shelter:

  • power lane lighting;

  • rest lane lighting.



The light intensity values ​​must be measured at a height of 1.50 meters, i.e. in correspondence with the photoreceptors of the retinas, which stimulate the pineal gland through the retinohypothalamic nervous tract.

As a result of the required levels of light intensity, the formation of melatonin is inhibited, conditioning the evolutionary biology of the animal which is "more awake".

With the greater activity of its biological functions, the animal feeds more and is more active with individual production increases, a higher reproductive level, with significant increases in PR value.

In the feeding lane, the light is always kept on for 24 hours, on the contrary the natural photoperiod is applied to the rest lane (cubicles or permanent litter).


The light in the feeding aisle, thanks to the specially designed FARM-LED devices, does not impact the rest area, which remains perfectly obscured in the hours of darkness.

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