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Livestock breeding

the FARM-LED lighting systems

Each animal needs a different light intensity and photoperiod, also depending on the age and the productive stage in which it is found.

Animals perceive light differently than humans.

Job security

Correct lighting has another big advantage, it allows you to operate in the environment with much more safety, making work less stressful, more productive and avoiding possible accidents caused by poor or inadequate lighting.

Furthermore, thanks to the correct lighting, the breeder will be able to more easily notice the existence of anomalies that can negatively affect the good management of his breeding.

Animal welfare

In farms, light plays an important role as it must ensure the animal can move safely in the feeding area and be able to express its behavior without problems.

Defective or too bright reflected or direct lights can dazzle animals and annoy them. This is why this aspect can also influence the welfare conditions of the animals.

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